Critical Arts Journal – Archival addresses: photographies, practices, positionalities

Critical Arts : A Journal of South-North Cultural and Media Studies – Archival addresses: photographies, practices, positionalities, Vol., 29 S1 2015
Edited by Leora Farber, 2015
Published by Taylor & Francis / Unisa Press

The articles in this special edition parallel, and in instances are extensions of, the papers, panel discussions and artists’ presentations comprising the VIADUCT 2015 platform, hosted by the Visual Identities in Art and Design Research Centre (VIAD), University of Johannesburg, 18–20 March 2015.

Presenters engaged with the complexities of contemporary archival practices, and how these play out using lens-based and new media technologies (hereafter termed ‘photographies’). In this edition, authors consider contemporary possibilities for, and practices of, addressing (primarily visual) archives; how these possibilities might impact on how archives are collated, disseminated, accessed and received; and what implications they may have for understanding the functions, meanings and significance of archives in diverse contexts. Although the edition is widely scoped, covering a broad range of contemporary addresses and multiple archival forms, it is not intended to provide a ‘snapshot’ of either. Rather, in highlighting a diversity of practices, it brings into view a (thin) sliver of archival addresses currently being undertaken, although not all the authors necessarily refer to them as such.

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