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Luvuyo Dondolo

Dr Luvuyo Dondolo is the Director and Head of the Centre for Transdisciplinary Studies, Fort Hare University. Dondolo was a Fulbright Scholar (Cheyney University), Rockefeller Scholarship holder (Emory University), and holds a DLitt et Phil in History (Fort Hare University). His field of specialisation is public history, with a specific focus on heritage studies, museology, Pan Africanism and Black Consciousness scholarship, racism, ethnicity and identity. 

Following his book, Mandela Mythology: A Craft of Curating the Nation in Post-Apartheid South Africa, he is currently investigating the life and times of Meshach Pelem, one of the four founding deputy presidents of the ANC. Taking a biographical approach, within a broader context of the history of black political organisations in South Africa, Dondolo is working toward a publication and exhibition with the support of VIAD