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'DID SOMEONE SAY DECOLONISATION? DID SOMEONE SAY FREEDOM?' with Prof Anthony Bogues & Prof Handel Wright: 11 August 2017

On Wednesday 16 August, 2017, VIAD hosted an evening of presentations and discussion with Professors Anthony Bogues and Handel Kashope Wright. Having interacted with FADA students in a series of student-led seminars on ‘Decolonizing Forward’, Bogues and Wright presented individual reflections on key issues and challenges around decolonisation, in relation to pedagogy and the university project, as well as to notions of freedom and the radical imagination. Presentations were followed by a conversation and Q&A session, moderated by UJ PhD candidate Thabang Monoa.

Anthony Bogues is Professor of Humanities and Critical Theory as well as Africana Studies at Brown University. He is also the Director of the Centre for the Study of Slavery and Justice at Brown University.

Handel Kashope Wright is Professor and Director of the Centre for Culture, Identity & Education at the University of British Columbia.