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UJ Dept of English Seminar

Prof. Bogues will be in conversation with Miami-based Haitian artist Edouard Duval-Carrié, in a session chaired by Dr Victoria J. Collis-Buthelezi. Reflecting on representations of Haiti in art and literature, a departure point for the discussion will be Alejo Carpentier's novel The Kingdom of this World (1949), and the associated notion of the 'Marvellous Real'.

Humanities Common Room
C-Ring 319
UJ Kingsway (APK) campus (directions)

Duval-Carrié's work will be presented in South Africa for the first time next year, in an exhibition curated by Prof Bogues, in collaboration with VIAD (May/June 2019).

Lunch will be served from 14h00.
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Edouard Duval-Carrie was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 1954. He was educated at the University of Loyola Montreal, Quebec, in Canada; and at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris in France. Duval- Carrie moved to Miami in 1992 and swiftly established himself as an integral factor in the city’s cultural fabric. Thorough his career Duval-Carrié has presented many solo exhibitions, among those, in 2014 he had a major one at Perez Art Miami Museum (PAMM). His works are part of the collections of important museums and institutions such as The Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan; Musee des Art Africains et Oceaniens, Paris France; Davenport Museum of Art, Davenport, Iowa; Perez Art Museum Miami, Miami, Florida; Musee de Pantheon National Haitien, Port-au-Prince, Haiti; and the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey (MARCO), Monterrey, Mexico; among others. In 2014 he was awarded the Chevalier des Arts et Lettres by the Consul General of France, Mr. Philippe Letrilliart.

Duval-Carrié’s work explores the social and historical aspects of Haitian culture. His imagery includes very often Vodou gods combined with aspects of classical mythology and Haiti’s national heroes, the typical fusion that characterizes the Caribbean. His images are visual examples of Magic Realism, portraying a world in which reality and mythology come hand in hand.