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Yvette Greslé

Dr Yvette Greslé is an art historian, writer and teacher based in London. My research focuses on questions of memory, the archive and the moving image as art practice. Subsequent to completing my PhD at University College London in 2015, the idea of writing with art and writing as memory work has become a major interest.

My work as a whole is informed by my personal relationship to three geographical locations: South Africa, the Seychelles archipelago and the United Kingdom. The question of memory as it relates to historical conditions circumscribed by violence, in multiple forms, is a major concern. The ethics and politics of feminist, queer and anti-racist thought in relation to violence underpins my thinking.

The relationship between historiography and racism is a thread that runs throughout my work which focuses on the question of how history and memory is constituted. I am currently researching towards a book project which expands on some of the concerns of my PhD. For the duration of 2017, I was a Post Doctoral Fellow (Global Excellence Stature Fellowship) with the University of Johannesburg. My first book takes the form of a memoir and is to be published with an independent press.