Alexandra Kokoli

Dr. Alexandra Kokoli is Senior Lecturer in Visual Culture at Middlesex University London and Research Associate at VIAD, University of Johannesburg. An art historian and theorist originally trained in comparative literature, Alexandra researches the aesthetic mobilisation of discomfort to political ends, focusing on art practices informed by and committed to feminism, the fraught but fertile relationship between feminism and psychoanalysis, death, mourning and shame.

She curated ‘Burnt Breakfast’ and other works by Su Richardson (Goldsmiths, 2012) and has published widely on feminism, art and visual culture in journals including Art JournalWomen and Performancen.paradoxaPerformance Research, Oxford Art Journal and Hypatia. Her books include The Feminist Uncanny in Theory and Art Practice (2016); and (as editor) Feminism Reframed: Reflections on Art and Difference (2008); and The Provisional Texture of Reality: Selected Talks and Texts by Susan Hiller, 1977-2007 (2008).

Some of her writing can be found here: https://mdx.academia.edu/AlexandraKokoli & http://eprints.mdx.ac.uk/view/creators/Kokoli=3AAlexandra_M=2E=3A=3A.html