FADA Staff Exhibition


22 September - 16 October, 2009 | FADA Gallery, University of Johannesburg

FADA Staff Exhibition 2009

2009 | FADA Art Gallery

Curated by Rory Bester

Curator’s statement:

For the 2009 FADA Staff Exhibition, I am interested in exploring exhibition production as a research methodology, and more specifically how creative processes contribute to methodological innovations in research exhibitions. Staff outputs in a tertiary institution such as the University of Johannesburg presents an ideal opportunity to rigorously explore how creative processes originate research questions and marshal research arguments. Rather than focusing on a particular theme around which staff are expected to produce work, the exhibition is held together by a sustained interest in the way individual creative processes work, as well as how curation and display contribute to the place and role of exhibitions in university research output.

Contributors to the exhibition are Kim Berman, Rosalind Cleaver, Marc Edwards, Leora Farber, Terence Fenn & Marc Kotze, Bronwen Findlay, Gordon Froud, Brenden Gray, Marlizè Groenewald, Eugene Hön, Mocke Janse van Veuren, Ian Johnston & Jenny Gifford, Leon Krige, Bronwyn Law-Viljoen, Vedant Nanackchand, Andro Nizetich, Alexander Opper, Dominik Lukasz Pater, Ilse Pahl, David Paton, Landi Raubenheimer, James Sey, and John Shirley.